Humble Beginnings

"I learned at an early age that your mind is your greatest asset. You are, who you believe you are."

Imagine growing up in a neighborhood where everyone on your street were born and raised there with no intentions on ever leaving. Where family vacations meant driving a few hours to the lake, where your mom spent a years saving for that weekend trip. Passport, whats that? College? Not an option. Oh you graduated high school? Congrats you really made it! Lifeless, violence prone, small-minded, lack of diversity…all words describing where I am from, Ferguson, Mo.

I learned at an early age that your mind is your greatest asset. You are, who you believe you are. I spoke the life I once desired into existence. From taking up Biochemistry in college, mastering the violin, cheering as an NFL Cheerleader, being a titleholder in the pageant industry, a brand ambassador for a major airline and now working as a boss for a Fortune 500 company…I am living proof that with positive thinking and hard work, the world is yours! Where I am from opportunity never knocked on my door, being a go-getter was the only way to make it out.

I now reside in my dream city, engaged and expecting. I hope to inspire you all to live your life to the fullest! Break boundaries, travel to new places, indulge in new foods, learn about new cultures, take the initial step in putting your mental and physical health first and to simply do whatever your heart desires. From this day forward, lets speak the life we desire into existence. Mother-to-be, fiancé, traveler, beauty lover, spiritual leader…just a few ways to describe myself. Thank you all for stopping by.

Wishing you all peace, love and positivity

Meghan Jenay

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