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Hugs to Smiles

This one’s for you...

The one who just got let go from their job not knowing how you will provide for your family,

The mother who is expecting to go into labor any moment without the option of having a support system with you during delivery,

The single parent who’s kids are no longer in school with no one to care for them because you are the mom and dad,

The elder person who’s on the last chapter of your life and not allowed to have any visitors,

The over-thinker who undergoes sleepless nights trying to think of every option on how to prepare for the unknown,

The store worker who deals daily with the chaotic, stressed out shoppers,

The medical workers who are working long hours to care for the sick with the fear of running out of adequate supplies for your protection,

The flight attendants and public transportation workers who are risking their health in order to get others from point A to B,

To the couple who planned their big day who were forced to cancel the wedding,

To the survivor who is forced to not have a proper funeral send off for their loved one due to the new regulations with social distancing,

To the one who is addicted to watching the news filled with such negative thoughts, then allowing them to place fear within your life.

To the one who is trying to be a light in everyone else lives, when in all actuality you need someone to be there for you,

This one is for you.

I am thinking of you.

I am praying for you.

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

What you have done and what you are currently experiencing speaks volumes and exudes optimal strength.

In a world where we are often divided its time to truly love thy neighbor,

Its time to take care of each other,

Not falling short of being kind to all.

Now is the time to lend your smile to a stranger, with knowing one day soon you may very well need that person’s joy in return.

Yes we are going through challenging times but let me get one thing straight,

We will overcome.

Yes, we will overcome.

We will not let Covid19 continue to rob the joy and peace within our lives.

Everything will return to normal,

And all will work out for you.

You will get through this.

You will overcome this period filled with many uncertainties.

It’s time to refocus on what we do have,

Zooming in on the resources that remain.

Reverting back to the simpler, most meaningful moments of life.

This one is for you.

With love,

Meghan Jenay

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