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Childproofing with Toddleroo by North States

Like many new mothers you may be a little behind on childproofing your home. Thank goodness Toddleroo by North States helped me create a safe space for my baby. Toddleroo by North States is the leading children’s safety manufacturer with one mission in mind - keeping our kids safe. 

Many new moms may ask, “Is it really necessary to childproof your home? And at what age?” Yes, yes, yes! That shouldn’t even be a question. All it takes is one-second for your little one to do something that could jeopardize his/her health and wellness. Childproofing should begin when your baby is on the move;  at this moment your little one is in the curious stage I like to call, the “inspector gadget” stage. 

Where do you start?

Okay it sounds hilarious but I actually got on the floor and began crawling around my home. I took note of everything baby can come in contact with at his eye level. I moved all smaller objects that are choking prone to higher places. I then hid all of the cords behind the furniture out of reach. In addition, I placed plug protectors on all visible power outlets. 

These Plug Protectors fits all 2-3 pronged outlets to protect child from electrical outlets.

Cleaning supplies and any dangerous liquids or objects should be placed in a cabinet or drawer with a lock.

We are utilizing the Drawer and Cabinet Tab Latches that protects child from dangerous items in drawers.

After locking away those dangerous objects, its just as important to secure your heavy furniture objects to the wall so they won’t fall on the baby. This is definitely one of those things we should’ve done anyway, since we live in an earthquake prone area. 

A Furniture and TV Strap are shown in this picture, which prevents tv or furniture from tipping over.

Also in the picture above you can see we placed Gel Corner Protectors on the tv stand since AJ enjoys pulling himself up onto everything.

We typically keep AJ’s room open for him to enter and exit freely, so we placed the Premium Pinch Protector on his door which prevents him from closing the door on his tiny fingers.

Should you have a designated play space in the common area?

This is a good idea because 1. You create a baby proof space for those moments when you’re trying to get some work done around the house. 2. You don’t have to worry about finding toys all over the house and it saves you from those unwanted toe stubs from toys. 

Not only do Toddleroo by Northstates have the 8 Panel Superyard Ultimate & ABC Mat pictured to the left, they have a variety of safety gates and play yards to accommodate most openings in your home. In this picture I converted my 8 Panel Superyard to a 6 Panel.

Take action!

I want to encourage you all to waste no time and begin the baby proofing in your home if you haven’t already done so. As parents it is our responsibility to take every precaution to keep our little ones safe. With that being said, Toddleroo by North States is so generous they agreed to give my friends and family 15% off the website! All you have to do is use my code at checkout MEGHAN15. Head on over to shop all childproofing products, play yards and play mats. 

*These items were gifted to me, however thoughts and opinions are always my own. 

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